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The Chairman/ Secretary,
Aqua Foundation,
707, Eros Apartments,
56-Nehru Place,
New Delhi, (INDIA) 110019

Dear Sir,

Kindly enroll us/me in the Aqua Foundation as an CORPORATE / INDIVIDUAL Member.

Our/my main particulars are given below and a detailed Company Profile/ CV is enclosed as an attachment to this form.

Details :

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I agree with the Aqua Foundation Terms & Conditions.

Declarations :

We/I agree to provide further detail, if any what so ever, needed by you upon request.
We/I solemnly declare and undertake that all the information given above and in the attachment to this letter is true to the best of our/my knowledge and belief.
We/I agree to accept the decision of the Governing Council in the regard of our/my Membership which shall be final and binding on us/me.
We/I further declare that We/I shall follow the code and ethics of conduct as prescribed/revised time to time for the Members.

Payment :

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** Fees in Indian Rupees ( INR ) valid for Indian Residents only.


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  • Individual Membership is not transferable.
  • Membership type applicability shall be decided by the Council and will be final and binding on the applicants.
  • Foreign applicant’s fee may be paid in US$ or equivalent to amount in INR.
  • Membership is subject to Society rules and as in force and shall be subject to the directives of the council.
  • Voting rights shall be subjected to Society rules as in force.
  • All application should accompany the requisite fee (Admission + Annual Membership Fee/Admission +Consolidated Membership Fee as the case may be)

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