Educating Our GenX

Angels of Humanity

Children are the future citizens. Children also have the unique advantage of having ‘un-conditioned’ mind and have the potential to change the world around us. We believe that when one of us changes our behaviour, this has a ripple effect in our community, encouraging others to do the same. In this way, we all have the power to lead the world by building an active civic society. It starts with the simple acts of standing up and doing the right thing.

What is so exciting about the concept of ‘Angel of Humanity’ is that it shows us how to do the right thing. It takes the ideals of humanity and turns them into practical guidelines that we can use in everything we do. The program contains the values and morals that we all need in order to move the world ahead in sustainable manner.

The program is targeting children in particular because we believe that by instilling a strong moral foundation in our children, we reach a far larger audience as the message spreads to their families and communities. If our children have the right values, we can change the future.

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